Can you remember being a child and wanting something so intensely that it’s all you thought about, talked about, and no matter what anyone else told you, you simply stuck with it? This childlike tenacity and determination is the stuff of pure creation and magic. Really, it’s not magic at all, but rather a law of nature like gravity. What you focus on will expand and be attracted to you and will therefore become your reality. 

Sounds easy right? 

Well, it can be when you know how the mind works and adding in some intention, focused effort, and childlike tenacity and voila.

The mind does exactly what it thinks you want it to do and what it thinks is in your best interest.

Let’s say for example you’re 15 years old, watching a movie with a terribly portrayed birth and, while horrified, you say to yourself “I would die if I had to go through that”. Fast forward 15 or so years and either you will have a hard time getting pregnant or be terrified of birth when you do conceive.

Since events can have a great effect on us, it’s the meaning and interpretation of the event or scene that imprints in the mind. We know our mind controls our thoughts and feelings which affects our actions in life.

How you speak to yourself about birth, what you focus on, and any fears you have forms a belief system in us.

Throughout your life only let positive thoughts and phrases imprint in your mind.