Doula Services

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Providing mothers with emotional support, comfort measures, reassurance, encouragement, empowerment, advocacy, and labor enhancing techniques to help them have a safe, memorable, and empowering birthing experience.

Comfort Workshop

Learn counter pressure, position recommendations, relaxation techniques, verbal support and positive affirmations.

Pre-Natal Visit

Providing company, encouragement and calming discussions. (Usually lasts 1 – 2 hours).


Phone and email support provided throughout your pregnancy.

Postpartum Visit

After birth visit to see how you and your baby are doing, process your birth experience and provide information and referrals if necessary.

What is a doula?

As a labor support professional, a doula has confidence in the natural process of birth. She helps the birthing woman and her partner understand this process, and guides them to create the most positive, healthy, and safe experience possible. She works in cooperation with your doctor, nurse, midwife and partner. Doulas trust in the uniqueness of each pregnancy and labor. Her practical knowledge of comfort measures and labor enhancing techniques can decrease pain and anxiety for the laboring mother. Childbirth is recognized as a key life experience a woman will remember all her life. The education and support a doula can provide contributes to a woman’s self-confidence and satisfaction with the birth. Many women look to a doula to aid in minimizing medical interventions at birth. For others, a drug-free delivery is not always a goal. A doula supports a mother in achieving the best birth outcome for her. Medical studies have shown that using a trained doula can shorten labors, reduce the need for pain medication, dramatically lower C-section rate, reduce the use of Pitocin, improve neo-natal outcomes, and promote better mother-infant interaction.

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